It was hot and difficult to use.

The teapot was too hot for my liking.

On Nov. 10, Aubrey Plaza made an appearance onThe Late Show With Stephen Colbert and sat down for another installment of “Tea at the Plaza.”

The favorite late-show guest sipped her beverage and dived right into some good stories about her famous co-stars like Kristen Stewart Molly ShannonAnd Michael Caine 

The Child’s Play actress dressed in a witch costume to promote her new book, Legend of the Christmas WitchChatted with them about it Stephen Colbert as he poured her a drink and got right into the steamy details.

 Of Kristen Stewart, Aubrey said “she smells like cinnamon and gasoline.”

Jokingly laughing about Kristen’s recent engagement. Guy Fieri officiate her nuptials, she added, “And I heard that she secretly wants me to officiate her wedding, but she is too afraid to ask.”