Anthropologie’s Viral TikTok Mushroom Candle Is on Sale

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Candle season can be enjoyed in any season. But, there is something special about fall and winter that makes candles seem even more important.

After a long night on TikTok, just when we thought that our candle cupboard (yes, it is a design cabinet) was full enough of the scents we love most, we found a few candles in our Anthropologie Cart. What was the candle that caught our eye? Anthropologie’s Amanita Muskhroom Candle.

These candles are unlike other candles, as you can see. They are available in 2 sizes and two scents. Each has a beautiful cracked metallic bottom with a glitter-adorned top. If that weren’t enough incentive to click ‘add to Cart’, these candles are now on sale

Anthropologie’s “Get Ready for Guests” Event offers 30% discount on home entertainment essentials such as the Amanita Mushroom candle, dinnerware and pillows. Get your mushrooms candles and other holiday goodies at Anthropologie by heading over to Anthropologie