Craig ConoverHe is not lying: Wedding planning doesn’t fall under his purview.

It was during an episode of Southern CharmBravo’s star Bravo celebrated the nuptials Shep Rose Patricia AltschulDogs with their girlfriends Paige DeSorbo By his side. Craig thought about his wedding day and his relationship to the bride after it. Summer House star continues to grow.

Craig exclusively shared his vision with CelebHomes News: “Paige’s vision is totally different from mine.” “The reason I ended up moving to the Bahamas for that year or two was because of a wedding I went to in Abaco and when you got to the wedding, everyone was barefoot…It was just so laid back and everyone spent a week there.”

It sounds great. Craig doesn’t think his girlfriend would love it, no matter what.

His comments were: “I don’t think Paige desires a beach-side wedding. But she’s okay with it being four-to-five days experience.” Her vision lies somewhere in Italy, I believe.”