On Dec. 21, Kevin revealed it had been a “tough week” for the Bachelor in ParadiseThe couple with their child.

Along with photos of Astrid, Auggy and their family members at the hospital, he said that “our family has covid” and was not making it easier for them. Auggy got a fever and Astrid was sick with the flu. Auggy also had an awful cold. Auggy has been tested for covid. August had to be admitted at four weeks. It was heartbreaking to see him in such pain and suffering. Yesterday was my worst day and I am very sick today. I could not go to the hospital and I cannot bring Astrid any food. Because of the new virus and unknown transmission I have been keeping my hands off of August until his symptoms improve. We will be in isolation for the Christmas holiday. 

He thanked his mother for being a great teammate and also said that he was grateful. 

“@astridloch is such a champ,” Kevin stated in part of the post, “she snapped into mama bear mode and never skipped a beat. She was very sick, but she still did all the things a mother can do. I was reassured by two things this week. August is strong (IVF, he’s the strongest we have lol), and Astrid was meant to be a mother. “Thanks, Hun, for being the Mother I expected you to be.