Ariana GrandeYou can now add sweetness to your makeup routine.

Her beauty brand’s Instagram page shared the news that it will release a sweetener concealer, a new product to its line of makeup on July 28. Ariana also revealed that she secretly uses the new r.e.m. Beauty products used in the past year.

It was posted to social media and shared by r.e.m. beauty’s official Instagram, features a barefaced Ari showing off the concealer’s coverage—applying using r.e.m.’s new dreamcloud blender, which will also be included in the upcoming launch—in a step-by-step tutorial.

Ariana states that 60 shade options of the sweetener concealer were developed, with two artists shades available in black or white. It’s our first product to feature r.e.m essence.

In the press release, r.e.m described the new pigmented concealers to be saturated and extremely smooth.