An area rug can add a little more grace, charm, or coziness to various parts of your home. Other times, the motivation isn’t just aesthetic. People lay rugs down for many reasons, such as to protect a sensitive hardwood floor in kitchen area, or maybe as a place for kids to lay down in front of the TV. Here’s a look at some common reasons why someone would want to add an area rug to their home decor.

Reduce Noise With Area Rugs

Have you ever noticed an echo of sounds in your home in certain rooms, or perhaps traveling from another room into yours? This mostly happens because of wider, open spaces with little furniture, such as studios, entryways, large bedrooms, hard-floored basements, open kitchens or exercise rooms. Rugs decrease the noise inside an interior space by reducing the amount of hard, flat surfacing to echo nearby sounds.

Rugs can also help prevent excess sound from bleeding out of rooms like a party basement or music room. For those with a reading room or library, adding a rug can help to draw out some of the sounds from walking around, or little disturbances outside.

Add a Splash of Color With a Rug

Image via Unsplash by Sidekix Media

If you want to change the color scheme or add a new mood to your home’s decor, shop around to see if you can find any rugs for sale that pop out against what you already have. Sometimes one distinguishing piece on the floor is all it takes. You could try a darker rug in a light-toned room, or a colorful rug in a relatively monochrome room, or vice versa to either. Forget repainting or redecorating; a colorful new rug can change the tone of a room in minutes.

Add a Rug to Complete Your Style

Your decor can say a lot about your style and personality. It shows how you choose to fill a space, for physical comfort and also what you find visually appealing. There is a reason everyone does home tours: we care about the places we live in and how they look, and you don’t have to invest in a massive rectangle for your biggest living space to make an impression. Sometimes smaller rugs can also add a finishing touch to a guest or main bedroom, or they might accent pieces of furniture like lounge chairs.

Take Your Rug Along When You Move

If you live in a rented space, you’ll be restricted to how much you can change things. With a rug, all you have to do is roll it up and take it to wherever you wish. With a few good rugs and other furnishings, any rental can feel like your personal castle. Such things usually fall under the terms of the typical renting lease, as they aren’t permanent. No matter the reason you are seeking an area rug, there’s a perfect fit for you.