The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 4 Teaser

Maisel’s dinner party featured more than chicken!

CelebHomes News has released a teaser video for Season Four of their television series. The Amazing Mrs. MaiselThe premiere of ‘, by Joel Maisel, will be on Prime Video February 18th.Michael ZegenRose harasses a (Marin HinkleShirley, his mother (Caroline Aaron) about being single.

Rose tells her son-in law, Joel, that she still regards him as a family member and that it is a shame that he’s alone. Shirley quickly responds, revealing that Shirley “set him up last week with a perfectly good girl.”

A distressed Joel defends, “Excuse me Ma, for not wanting to go out with a pregnant divorced woman.” 

Shirley doubles down her congratulations on her match. She added, “She wasn’t divorced. Her husband died.”

Though Rose is a self-proclaimed “match making professional,” Joel begs her to not give him her card.

Joel says that Shirley said it doesn’t really matter. “I know her name and I also know her number.” Joel refuses to believe it. He pleads for Joel again. “Rose. Change your name. Change your number.”