TikTok’s Remi Bader Shares She’s Seeking Treatment for Binge Eating

Although it was something that she initially kept secret, she eventually decided to share the story with others. “I was afraid, I don’t know what other people will think.” She told the site. The website was told that she had done the first and never looked back. Being open-minded has always made me feel happy. I love it when people want to connect and learn from me about similar issues. To be able to connect with people that understand–that’s why I’ve continued to talk about it.” 

You should be open and honest about your ups as well as the downs. Bader stated, “I am still not in a position where my food issues have been resolved. Because a few weeks back, when I had binged for the first time in a month, everyone celebrated me. “I don’t believe I’m going to be talking about it as publically right now,” Bader said. Then, in the last few weeks I binged once again. It’s now like “What am I going to write now?” It’s so wonderful to share my experiences with others who understand, but I may not need to go into detail for everybody’s benefit.