Sharing her admiration for the “Malibu” singer, Anne continued, “Her ability to get out on stage and sing acapella. This would be how I could see an artist who is pure and pure engaging in the world, having the most amazing time. Miley is a great actress and that’s why I love her.

Anne spoke out in support of Kristen. Frozen After sharing the screen together in 2004’s movie, actress helped her to be nominated for her second Emmy. Gracie’s choice.

Anne said, “She and me played mother-daughter in a Lifetime film years ago.” Kristen felt, yet again, like a mirror to me. Her ability to tell a story, do it through joy, do it with her personality, charm, gorgeous timing, and humor. She is a reflection of me. “I don’t believe it was a mistake to be her mom. Now I want her as my mother.”