Abbi Jacobson has knocked it out of the park.

It A League of Their Own co-creator and star celebrated the success of the Prime Video series, which seeks to include new stories that were left out of the 1992 film. “I was pretty overwhelmed by the response this Saturday,” said the star. Broad City alum tweeted Aug. 15. It was a profound experience to learn about this new generation of women. It makes me proud to be a part of the show and knowing that it is resonating with people means so much.

Abbi continued by noting that viewers aren’t always open to hearing the many stories being told. She explained that she has seen many people mad and angry at the inclusion of POC, QWOC and queer experiences. This anger (aka fear), has made her more certain about the reasons for this reimagining.[It’s]”Why representation is important.”

Abbi tweets just days after sharing with me her wish to diversify the film in an August 14 interview The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah. She admitted the writers were “full-on” when it came to showcasing POC and LGBTQ+ people, joking there’s no “alluding” whatsoever.