There’s a new update on Anne HecheRecent car accident. 

Jeff Lee, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to NBC News that the August 5th incident involving officers involved the Actress, Six Days and Seven Nights—who remains in “extreme critical condition” at the hospital—is being investigated as a felony DUI traffic collision.

Lee stated to the outlet that her blood had been tested for drugs in a preliminary analysis. However, authorities were unable to comment on whether there was any evidence of fentanyl, cocaine or alcohol. Lee stated that further testing would be done to determine details to exclude any medication/substances administered in the hospital. The testing can take between 30 and 90 days.

LAPD officials also offered further explanation as to why Heche’s case is now being considered for a felony charge, saying that it’s because the 53-year-old Emmy winner crashed into a home—resulting in it bursting into flames—while a woman was inside.