The casting announcement idea is just too perfect for us.  

Anne Hathaway The upcoming adaptation of the film will be directed by Your Idea, Fan-fiction books are a favorite choice that fans believe were inspired by. Harry Styles, which follows a divorced mom who embarks on a passionate love affair with a pop star during a music festival.

Michael ShowalterFilm is directed and produced by him. Robinne LeeIn 2017, the novel was published by the same author. The Devil Wears Prada star, 39, is set to play Sophie, a “40-year-old divorced mother. Sophie was married to Dan, but he left for a younger woman and has now cancelled their Coachella trip with their daughter, 15 years old. Sophie takes the pieces back and faces the desert heat and crowds. According to a press release, Sophie meets Hayes Campbell (24 years old), the leader singer of August Moon, which is the “hottest boy band” on Earth.

Fans believe the romance novel was inspired by Harry because Hayes is a young, British musician who is the lead singer of his group, much like the former One Direction singer. Harry Hayes has a similar taste in women to Hayes, and the singer of “Watermelon Sugar”, Harry Hayes, is also dating Olivia WildeHe is 10 years younger than him.