Lisa also made the same statement via Twitter last week. She told her Twitter followers that things will be “addressed” before she begins season three. RHOSLCAt that. 

She also issued a longer response condemning Jennie’s posts, and on the WWHLEpisode aired on Sunday. Lisa said to Andy that she was completely against racism and wanted everyone to do better.

The posts were not approved by her. Jennie’s page on Facebook has been a long time away from my mind. “I was completely surprised.”

Jennie called the comments “offensive” and apologized for them. She didn’t clarify which ones she was talking about, but several were critical of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd. One person even joked about running into “rioters” in a car.

Jennie shared a statement to Instagram and Twitter Wednesday January 19th, saying that she wanted to apologize and acknowledge her deleted posts on Facebook from 2020. While I initially thought that I was protesting violence, I’ve since realized how hurtful and offensive my words were.