For the next season, BotchedThe series premieres Tuesday, September 9 at 9 pm. Paul describes it as “Transformational”, freaky, strange, and just kinda shocking…What is unusual about this season? We’re seeing things that we have never seen before.”

Paul mentioned a tragic example of a musician suffering from “horrible complications” with his lower eyelids. The lower eyelids of his lower eyes are pulled so that he appears deformed. He was unable to perform in public, write, or play music. It changed everything about his life and made him an isolated person.

Patients will return to their patients for fans. Jessica Alves,Rodrigo was a former nickname for The Human Ken Doll.

Jessica didn’t realize Rodrigo was there. Paul stated that Dubrow may have, but it was not me. That transformation was shocking and amazing. Rodrigo was Jessica, and I didn’t know it.