David Koechner was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and for an alleged hit and run in California on New Year’s Eve, police confirm to CelebHomes News.

Actor, 59 years old, who appeared in AnchormanMovies, was arrested in Simi Valley just after 3 p.m., local time on Dec. 31 according to online jail records. His arrest was made two hours later and he was freed from jail in the early hours of January 1.

Casey NicholsonCelebHomes News received a report from a Simi Valley Police Department Public Information Officer, that Koechner was taken into custody after an officer saw him “fresh.” [collision]Damage” to the vehicle of the actor.

Nicholson explained that Mr. Koechner had been driving in oncoming traffic, the wrong lane of the street on which the officer was heading. He was passed by the officer, who made a U-turn to pull him away a few blocks.

Upon investigation, the officer “observed outward symptomology of intoxication and ultimately determined probable cause to arrest for suspicion of DUI,” Nicholson said.