Warning: There are spoilers!

Anatomy of a ScandalThe finale of’s saw Sophie Whitehouse and Kate Woodcroft get their closure. But what about Olivia Lytton, however?

James Whitehouse, her ex-lover and political aide was accused of the accusations.Rupert Friend), are what set in motion the court case at the center of the series. However, viewers did not see Olivia react to James’ acquittal. Viewers were left with Sophie (Sienna Miller) turning against her husband and giving Kate (Michelle Dockery() The evidence that she required to place James behind bars in connection with a separate crime. 

Naomi Scott, who plays Olivia, wasn’t disappointed by the ending though, telling CelebHomes News that she thought it was realistic that her character, an alleged sexual assault survivor, was forgotten after James’ acquittal: “Not having this specific resolution makes her more of a symbol of people who go through [similar experiences].”

It was pointed out that the director S.J. Clarkson even had her film a final scene but “it didn’t feel right for the character,” she explained. I believe it’s more beneficial to leave things open than to attempt to make something happen just to have it.