Note: Warning! This article discusses the subject of sexual assault and abuse.

Six weeks later, Johnny DeppAnd Amber HeardThe latest courtroom fight is over.

April 26th, Aquaman actress returned to the stand as the final witness to testify in the highly publicized trial.

Heard was asked by Depp’s ex-attorney to describe the damage she suffered during her rebuttal testimony. Adam WaldmanTo The Daily MailIn 2020, he called her abuse allegations a hoax.

She told a Virginia jury that she was harassed and humiliated every day. “Even walking into the courtroom and sitting there in front of everyone, I had the most horrible parts of my past, the things that were painful, which used to make me feel ashamed.” 

Amber testified that her ex had promised that she would think of him “every single day” if she ever left him. You can see more details from the trial by clicking here.

Heard stated that he receives hundreds of threats to my life every day, sometimes even daily. Heard said that he has received death threats in the hundreds since his trial began. People mocking…my testimony about being assaulted.”