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If you’re like us and find cleaning to be more of a chore than something therapeutic, you’ll want to get cleaning products that are easy to use, do what they promise, and are also affordable. There are products available that can meet all of these criteria. Amazon, our go-to for pretty much anything and everything, has a number of best-selling products that work so well, shoppers say you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Best part is, many of these products are already budget-friendly!

For instance, one cleaning products that Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of is the $13 FURemover broom. Before you brush it off as a cleaning tool for just pet owners, anyone can benefit from having one. It’s a multi-purpose cleaning tool featuring 100% natural rubber that not only “attracts pet hair like a magnet,” it can also clean windows, your shower, your car windshield, the floor, carpet and more. The broom is rated 5.0 out of 5 by customers who said they used it to replace their Swiffers and that the broom saved them money.

Below are other high-quality cleaning products that you can save money. These products are available below.