If you’re going to check out just one product from Haus Laboratories, the Liquid Eye-Lie-Ner is an absolute must-have! This eyeliner is easy to apply with its flexible, precise microtip. This formula lasts for a long time and is smudgeproof. You can get it in both black or brown. There are over 10,300 5-star Amazon reviews. This is one of those products that keep selling out over and over.

One fan said, “It’s bulletproof eyeliner!” It must have been a permanent marker-type formula. It is amazing, however. It stayed put for twelve hours straight on my oily eyes. For years I have been using the same liquid liner with a felt tip. But, I am thinking of switching to this product. It’s sturdy and easy to use.

Another customer said that she tried every type of liquid liner. As someone who has been doing cat eyes for over 12 years, it is easy to believe that I am an expert when it comes quality liner. THIS IS QUALITY. It has incredible pigmentation. It’s only black and the liquid comes out easily from the brush — no need to press hard on the tip to produce more. Because the brush is soft and has a long feel, it can be easily manipulated without needing to hold your lid. The pen doesn’t move at all! The whole day it will remain on, even with greasy eyes.