Amanda Seyfriedwished to be a good witch. 

The interview was conducted July 19, and she talked about her wildest role. The Mean Girls actress revealed that she auditioned for the part of Glinda in the film adaptation of WickedWhile she was filming, she filmed The Dropout

“I still dream of being auditioned for the role that I have in my dreams.” WickedHer words were: BackstageInterview with me on July 19, 2007. “Last year, while I was playing Elizabeth weekends, I auditioned in person for Glinda in the movie adaptation of Wicked—because I wanted it that much that I was like, ‘You know what? Yes, I must play the final scene. Dropout on Tuesday. My Sunday will be yours. While playing the toughest role in my entire life, I was literally bending over backwards.”

However Ariana Grande ultimately snagged the part, Amanda said the experience has helped her tremendously. 

According to her, she said that it taught her how far she’s come as a singer. This was something she really desired to prove. Backstage. “Because ever since [Les Misérables]I felt like I needed to do better. You can do more. Now, what comes next for musicals? I’m ready.”