25. You think Heckerling invented Cher’s trademark slam all by herself? You can find it here. If! Something of an amateur linguist, the screenwriter is “always compiling slang words because I am just interested in how people use language,” she explained to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 of the line’s origins. “At the time, which was in the early ’90s. It was circulating in the gay community. It was a versatile, multipurpose term that I found to be very useful. It would make a great thing to say for teens.”

26. While the phrase ranked in the outlet’s 100 Favorite Movie Quotes, her personal favorite came from the Cher’s impassioned debate class speech: “I guess, in a goofy way, I have always been proud of ‘It does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty.'”

27. The process of creating the entire lexicon took some research. She said, “When auditioning the children, I would always ask for new vocabulary.” Entertainment Weekly. “That’s how I found ‘going postal.’” As for other terms, “‘Betty’ was based on Betty Rubble, who was very pretty,” she shared. “How did Barney get his name? He get her?”