11. The studio originally planned a direct to DVD sequel when they first began planning. Toy Story 2As the majority of animators were involved in this project, The Bug’s Way of Life. It would go on to score a rare 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

12. In 1998, the whole film nearly went to pieces when an employee accidentally clicked a button which would wipe all of its files. It was discovered by another worker in time. The backup files had been lost and 90 percent of film had not yet been erased. Fortunately, Galyn SusmanAs she was a supervising technical Director, there were backup files available at her residence as she had just given birth to her first child and has been working remotely more frequently. 

13. It is the making of Toy Story 2Due to the late editing of nearly the whole film, the stress was intense enough that several animators suffered carpal tunnel syndrome and strains. “By the end of the film, almost a third of staff would have suffered from repetitive stress injuries,” Ed CatmullPixar’s president, reveals to the Los Angeles Times.