You will be falling head-over heels. What I Learn About Love

Don’t get it twisted, though—the upcoming Peacock series, a semi-fictionalized version of Dolly AldertonThe same memoir, by ‘Same Name’ is not a rom-com. Instead, the central love story is actually the FriendshipMaggie is a 20-something woman.Emma AppletonBirdy (Bel Powley).

The childhood friends, who now live in London together with their two university buddies, are experiencing the thrill of young adulthood as well as all its twists and turns. Although the premise may sound familiar, what really makes this series unique is Powley’s explanation. Cosmopolitan UK in June, that it’s grounded in reality but ultimately really “joyful.” 

She said, “They are having the most fun.” She said, “I believe that’s the point where our show will stand out from other shows about women.

While What I Learn About Love is indeed a deeper look into the power of friendships rather than relationships, the latter still plays an important role. As Peacock put it in a press release, “The series is an unflinching deep dive into bad dates, heartaches and humiliations and begs the question: can platonic love survive romantic love as we grow up?”