Stranger Things Monsters are the stuff of nightmares. 

Finally, it’s time to go back to the Upside Down. That can only signify one thing: Terrible monsters are appearing on our tiny screens! Season four of the Netflix series premiered on May 27 and with it came one of the most frightening creatures in Hawkins history—Vecna.

With previous haunting creatures, such as The Mind Flayer and Demogorgon, any new monsters on the block have some stiff competition to take the lead as the scariest monster in the Upside Down. The cast thinks that Vecna and season four may have achieved this.

CelebHomes News has an exclusive interview Caleb McLaughlin, who stars as Lucas Sinclair, said that “it’s really scary this season.”

He said that “Honestly, we took it up another notch.” The actor said, “When I saw the season, I thought, ‘Wow! I don’t think my nephew would watch that.’ This is very disturbing.

Charlie HeatonJonathan Byers is played by Jonathan. He said some children might not be able “sleep for weeks” after viewing the new seasons.