CelebHomes NEWS. What was it like coming back to This is Us after so long? Did you always hope you’d return one day?
AB: For a while, I wanted to be back on the show. My heart has been broken. Virgin River I was tempted to return in a few seasons but schedules didn’t allow it. This has been hard because I love this show and work with Justin. It’s a joy to work with him. He is a pleasure to work alongside. The two of us just kinda fall in love with each other and have an easy working relationship. Because of the rich history between Kevin & Sophie it is so wonderful to find someone you can work well with. You can bring the characters to life and it is part of what makes their relationship spark.

CelebHomes: How was it to explore Kevin’s and Sophie’s relationship with Justin Hartley over the years?
AB:His work has been amazing. He also plays a very complex role. From season one, he explores his characters and shows how he is becoming a man. He was an extremely self-centered child. Although he was sweet and kind, he is self-centered. Justin doesn’t seem to be self-centered. In these late episodes, he has managed to show his true feelings in such a beautiful way. 

There isn’t much rehearsal. Once we know the characters, we can then come together. This is what makes us lucky. There wasn’t a chemistry book so we just started to play the scene.

CelebHomes: Kate and Sophie are a second important relationship. How did they rebuild their friendship after Kate and Kevin both lied to Sophie about Kevin cheating on Sophie many years ago?
AB: [The show] never really got into that when Kevin and Sophie got back together in their 30s. Although they didn’t really get into Kate and Sophie, I am happy that they did. They should have more time together. There Thelma & LouiseI believe it would be fun. It was the forgiveness. It was a big deal for Sophie, as she was close to Kate. But, at the same, you can’t help but understand why your brother would love you. It seems like Sophie was hurt so much by the events. It was as if she had been betrayed and disappointed by those she loves most. Kate’s apology was met with a resounding, “Ofcourse.” This is so sweet.