Everyone needs to see it. 

Fans of the Backstreet BoysYou have come to know AJ McLean with his signature facial hair, but on Wednesday, Oct. 27, the boy bander revealed he’s clean-shaven—at least for right now. Yes, the 43-year-old singer bid farewell to his beard and mustache and is now rocking a bare face. 

“Had must be done!” He wrote it on Instagram. “Don’t worry, y’all. It will be back in a month.”

It’s difficult to recall a time when McLean didn’t have a thin goatee. In fact, save for some early promotional shots of the group before 1997, McLean has been sporting some form of whiskers throughout most of his time in the spotlight. 

Fans were stunned. One fan cleverly commented, “Tell me whyy.” Another wrote, “If you see me on the streets, you wouldn’t be recognized by me.” 

McLean’s dramatic shift was supported by some. One fan said, “You still look like a boss.” Someone else reminded him, “We love u. Beardless!