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I am all about some safe tanning. When I go outside, I apply sunscreen liberally and make sure that I am applying enough. Even so, I’m an indoor girl through and through. I love my self-tanner. New tanning products are something that I am excited to try. Our past faux tans were orange and streaky. We have come so far. My self-tanner removal technique has been perfected between application, according to me anyway. 

A natural looking bronze is what I want. I dream of being able to instantly tan by snapping my fingers. Since a long time, this has been my goal. This is the first time I have tried products. JahreI am still searching for the right one. There are many options. I have tried aerosol sprays for body makeup and lotions that bronze. It never worked. Products looked fake, or they didn’t hold up long. 

After years of searching, I found my Tanologist InstaGlow Instant Tan & Illuminator. This gives me an immediate tan. The tan doesn’t fade if it gets wet or caught in rain. It looks natural. It was too glittery for me. Thankfully, it is just a super subtle natural-looking glow that isn’t remotely sparkly. This gives you that natural, “my skin but more” glow. I can’t emphasize enough how natural it is. 

It is the best thing I have to do between tanning, especially my hands and my face. To ensure that the tan fades fast, I always wash my hands and disinfect them. Apply the Insta Glow using a brush. Then I can go for all day. My fake tan is the most noticeable on my face. It’s a blessing in disguise. Even if you’re wearing shorts, it can make your legs appear pale. To get a uniform application on larger areas I recommend using a tanning brush instead of a brush.

It does not look like makeup, there is no color payoff, it appears natural. This product has made me so mad and it’s finally the product I have been looking for all my life. Tanologist will continue to make this product. Ever.