SPOILER ALERT! The details for the third season of Succession’s “Lion in the Meadow”, are below.

The hike offered more than just fresh, clean air. 

On Sunday, Nov. 7, Succession explosive season three episode introduced its newest character, Josh Aaronson, a beanie—wearing, billionaire played by Adrien Brody

Fans are already asking if the Oscar winner’s scene—stealing appearance on the HBO drama is just the start of great things to come for the character. An interview with In VarietyAdrian stated that he would be thrilled to see the series return. While I can’t give you an exact answer, it is something I really would like. That would be awesome. I love the show. 

Adrien is a rich investor and holds strong chips for the future of Waystar Royco. LoganBrian CoxKendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) fly out to pay Josh a visit on his private island, he takes them on an outdoor hike on the sand that turns out not to be so beachy-keen.  

Expressing dismay at his investments being jeopardized by civil war between the Roy families, he asked the son and father to ask, “Where is it ending? This friction ?…This friction?