Jimmy Fallon and Ed Sheeran played a secret game—and it was perfect.

Tuesday 9 November 2009, the Official Tonight ShowTikTok shared a very funny video. Prior to the “Thinking Out Loud” singer’s sit-down with host Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Nov. 8, he had joined the host backstage to come up with secret dares to slip into their interview that the audience wouldn’t notice. Whoever successfully tossed a marker into a cup got to pick a dare that the other person had to do on camera.

Jimmy suggested that Ed should refer to himself only in third person using “Teddy’s Photos” as his Instagram handle.

Ed suggested to Jimmy that Jimmy broadcast live that Jimmy was leaving for a competing network in order to host a talk show. Lucky for each of them, the markers didn’t land—at least in that round.

The second half of this video was more interesting. Both men were challenged. Jimmy challenged the Perfect singer to “shiver”, at one point in the interview. This was in honour of his hit single.EqualThis is a. Ed dare Jimmy to sing (but not say) “Baby Shark”.