Looking for a weekend activity suited for the whole family? One full of new experiences, good food, and supporting the community? Look no further than your local farmers market. Year-round, towns across the United States offer outdoor markets of all sizes to the members of their community. Farmers markets are the best way for local vendors to sell their goods and share their wealth with the community. In turn, farmers markets are the best place for people to go to enjoy local delicacies, homemade products, and fresh food. 

There is a little something for everyone at their local farmers market. Some vendors specialize in produce, bringing with them a wide array of fruits, vegetables, and flowers from their own farms. Others offer homemade goods like candles, home decor, and other small knick knacks. For visitors with a sweet tooth, many vendors also offer fresh pastries, breads, and often coffee as well. 

Attending and purchasing from farmers markets in your local community is one of the best ways to show support to local farmers and artisans. With something for everyone, these markets are a must see weekend destination for any family, friend group, couple, or adventurous individual. You may even try a new food or meet a new friend during your visit. And if you’re in Louisville, be sure to check out this helpful guide to the best farmers markets in Louisville.