From fiancé to divorcé.

After six years of marriage Mark Shoemaker has officially filed to divorce wife Nikki Shoemaker, according to online court records obtained by CelebHomes News. On March 2, he filed for divorce at Baltimore County Circuit Court. Mark then filed for divorce at the Baltimore County Circuit Court on March 2. However, he was refused by a judge. The court records note there is a prenuptial agreement involved.

The pair—who have a 39-year age gap—starred on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé in 2015. Mark was then 58, and Nikki 19 years. During their season, viewers learned that Mark had traveled to the Philippines—where his first ex-wife is from—to meet Nikki after talking online.

Two days later, Mark presented Nikki with an informal ring made of a zip-tie. There were issues throughout their season due to Nikki being younger than Mark’s oldest daughter. Elise Shoemaker. They were married for the second time in 2015, despite a difficult season.