Florida was the most moved to state in 2020, according to move.org. Nearly 1000 people move here every single day! It seems like everyone wants to experience what living in Florida is all about.

Are you in the same boat? Curious about what some of the reasons are for people moving to Florida? Keep reading to find out!

1. The Weather

Who doesn’t know of the brilliant weather conditions in Florida? It has great weather all year round! It does rain a little bit in August, but the rest of the warm months more than makeup for it. 

If you are from a northern state and sick of all the snow, sleet, and ice, then it’s time for you to consider a warm-weather Florida lifestyle.

Just think about it – no more shoveling snow, no more snow boots and slush, and no more freezing in the cold. Heaven!

2. The Real Estate

Florida is well-known for its booming real estate market, but more than that, it’s a cheaper market than most others. This means that you can buy ‘more house’ for less money and finally get that home of your dreams. 

You can also find fully furnished property for much cheaper than you would in New York or California. It seems like an ideal land, doesn’t it?

3. The Outdoor Events and Festivals

Because of the profusion of warm, sunny days, there are oodles of outdoor events, and festivals for you and your family to partake in. No need to spend the entire winter at home hibernating, wishing, and hoping for a warm summer, so you can do something outdoorsy. Every day is an outdoor event day in Florida. 

Take advantage of the myriad activities and become fit and healthy yet again. A sedentary lifestyle begone!

4. The Beaches

Florida has many top-rated beaches like Clearwater Beach, Pensacola Beach, and Daytona Beach. If you are an ocean lover, you need to start planning a move to Florida asap! It’s not even a question of if, but when.

You could spend time every weekend exploring all the beautiful Florida beaches, getting that suntan going, and building up your stores of Vitamin D.

5. The Myriad Vacation Spots Nearby

One overlooked aspect about Florida has to be its proximity to all the Caribbean vacation spots. They are all just a hop, skip, and jump away from Florida. 

If you have always dreamed of having a Caribbean vacation every year, if you live in Florida, you can make that dream a reality. Not only will it be faster to get over to the Caribbeans from Florida, but it’s cheaper as well.

6. The Lack of State Income Tax

This should have been point number 1 on this list, but we think that warm weather is as important as no state income tax. If you are sick and tired of how much money leaves your paycheck every month to be never seen again, as the government siphons it off, then you need to move to Florida now. 

As Florida earns so many millions of dollars from tourists every year, it can afford not to charge a state income tax to its residents. This means you keep more of your money in your pocket, perhaps for all those Caribbean vacations.

7. The Employment Opportunities

Florida has a hot employment market and lots of opportunities to be entrepreneurial. If you are looking to live the American dream, then there’s no better place to do it than Florida. You can find a job easily if you wish, or you can look for some missed opportunity and start a business. 

You could even take advantage of the millions of tourists that visit Florida every year and build a business based upon that. Maybe a tour company or a boating service. You are only limited by your imagination here.

8. The Professional Sports Teams

Do you love playing and watching sports? Then the warm weather will entice you to get out there and play more often with your buddies. But more than that, with all the professional sports teams like The Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Tampa Rays, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins, you will be able to watch professional sports in action.

Also in the spring of each year, a lot of professional sports teams come to Florida to train, so you can catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity player and perhaps even catch them in action. How awesome would that be!

9. The Amusement Parks

If one of your priorities in life is to find something amusing and entertaining for your children to do, so they will stop complaining about being bored, then Florida has you covered there as well. There are dozens of amusement parks in Florida that you can visit in a matter of hours. 

Road trip anyone? Some notable amusement parks are Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Disneyland, Sea World, Discovery Cove, and Dinosaur World. 

Another bonus is that as a Florida resident you get discounts on entry fees and overnight accommodations. So why not make a weekend out of it and have some amusement park fun with your family and friends? Life is short, so live the Florida lifestyle and enjoy it while it lasts. 

Moving to Florida Is a Good Idea for So Many Reasons

All the terrific reasons listed mentioned above for moving to Florida must have gotten your brain gears running. It’s now or never. Why not start planning a move to Florida today, so you can enjoy all that Florida has to offer?

The best places in Florida are waiting for you to enjoy them. Get down there!

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