Vacations are important. They’re not just fun, but healthy as well. Studies have shown that never taking a vacation can increase your risk of heart disease and death.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to vacations. Some are content with a camping trip or a low-cost road trip. Getting away from it all is luxurious enough for them.

Others prefer to splurge. It’s their time off and they want to spend it living like kings and queens, or perhaps celebrities. They’ll follow every tip they can to turn their travel into celebrity travel.

We can offer a few such tips, and we’ll talk more about them in the paragraphs below.

1. 5-Star Destinations

5-star destinations tend to be quite expensive, but you don’t necessarily have to be rich to afford it. There are a few tips to help you mimic celebrity travel without breaking the bank.

One of them is to travel closer to home. This doesn’t mean that you can’t travel abroad, but longer flights cost more money.

You can save some cash by choosing a closer destination. If you’re an American, try Cuba or the Bahamas.

You might also try booking in the off-season when prices tend to be lower.

2. Fly First Class

First-class flights can be nearly twice as much as an economy flight if you’re flying cross-country, and several times more if you’re traveling internationally. However, there are still ways to fly like a celebrity without having a celebrity’s bankroll.

We’ve already mentioned that flying to closer destinations can save money. For instance, a flight from Chicago to Japan is often over $1,000 when traveling coach.

A flight from Chicago to Mexico flying first class is only a few hundred more than a coach flight to Japan. A few of them are the same price or lower.

As with hotels, off-season flights tend to be cheaper. If you have rewards points for travel, that can bring the price down more.

3. Look and Feel Your Best

One luxury celebrities don’t have as much as the rest of us is privacy. Any article about a celebrity always comes with a picture snapped by the paparazzi.

Celebrities have to look their best at all times, and most of them try to feel their best as well. You may want to follow their example.

If you want to feel particularly glamorous and comfortable, pack clothes that are stylish and fit the climate you’re going to be in. You may also want to carry some of your favorite jewelry and accessories and apply your favorite beauty products.

If you want to treat yourself, try taking a spa day either before or during your trip, if you can. Some travel destinations are known for their amazing spas.

Mexico has a few well-regarded spas throughout the country. There are some well-known luxury spas in the US as well if you don’t want to leave the country.

4. Rent a Car or Limousine

This may seem like another big expense, but it doesn’t have to be. Many companies offer deals on rentals. They pride their businesses on being more affordable than the competition.

There are also package deals, which allow you to book various aspects of a trip together, thus lowering the price. This may be something to learn more about before taking your next trip.

Depending on your situation, a car may not be the best option. If money is an issue, or if you’re in a large city with bad traffic, walking or biking may be a better choice.

5. Eat Like a Local

Whether you’re on a luxury trip or a simple getaway, it’s always best to eat where the locals eat. Sure, the five-star restaurants may offer greater ambiance, but the restaurant business is about food.

You probably know of some local roadside stand or hole-in-the-wall diner that seems to be full at all hours of the day. People rave about the food so much that it’s become the pride of the town.

That happens in other countries just as much as the US, sometimes even more so. In places where fast-food chain restaurants have yet to take over, much of the food comes from locals with nothing but a grill an a recipe handed down through a few generations.

6. Observe and Experience

The world is an incredible place, and any trip where you’re not taking it in is a wasted one. Every corner of the world offers chances to see and do things that you’ve never experienced before.

East Asia is home to rainforests and monkeys that occasionally wander into towns or congregate by the side of mountain roads. Keep in mind that they’re best viewed from a distance. They can be dangerous up close.

Scandinavia has icy fjords and reindeer, among many other things. Explore everything you can. Learn about the history, climate, and wildlife.

How to do Celebrity Travel the Right Way

Many people want to experience celebrity travel at some point in their life, and there are several ways to do that. We’ve mentioned only some of them in the paragraph above, but there are plenty more ways to travel like a movie star. We encourage you to do more research on your own if you’re interested.

No matter how luxurious you make your trip, never forget that you’re traveling. The destination is half the fun and it should be experienced as best you can.

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