38. His casting as Gen. Colin PowellIn Adam McKay‘s VicePerry called former secretary-of-state to ask for his permission. Evidently they got along well. Perry said, “He sent me his book and I sent him mine. He texts me every now and again.” Variety In 2019. (Powell passed away in 2021.

39. McKay said, “He has skills.” VarietyPerry has a lot to say about how he handled improvised scenes. Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. “There’s no question we’ll be seeing him in many more dramatic roles, if he wants.” McKay also recruited Perry to play a morning show host who’s laughing off the end of the world in his Oscar-nominated 2021 satire Don’t Look Up. 

40. Not everyone’s an admirer. Perry is also a 17-time Razzie nominee (or 20 if you count being nominated at the same time for two different roles on three occasions) and a two-time “winner” for worst actress, for A Madea Christmas and Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. He was, however, in the running for the Redeemer Award—a kiss-and-make-up nod for past nominees who prove themselvesAs respectable artists—in 2019 for Vice. Following that, he received four nominations for 2020 for various offences. A Madea Family Funeral.