6 Products that Should be Bought with a Credit Card

While some products come risk-free and are alright to purchase with cash, others come with extended risk or reason to use a credit card. Credit cards are excellent for those looking for bonus rewards or extra protection from fraud. If you’re wondering about the best products to buy with a credit card, here are some of the top 6.

1. Fuel

Many credit card companies offer big rewards for fuel and gasoline. Some credit card companies may allow you to choose an area you want the biggest rewards, such as gasoline. Others offer automatic cashback or bonuses. In addition, since gasoline tends to be a weekly need, fuel can be a great way to put small charges on the card and build up credit without going over budget.

2. Travel

If you’re like Chrissy Tiegen traveling with your children or planning to take a solo trip, using a credit card to make travel arrangements is ideal. When traveling, there are also many bonuses that credit card companies offer as incentives. Many offer cashback on things like hotels and rental cars. Others will use a points system with the rental companies themselves. In addition, booking with your credit card can often offer extra protection, such as cancellation protection.

3. Appliances or Electronics

Appliances and electronics are larger items that are excellent for the use of credit cards. Like the other categories, cashback and rewards is always a benefit. However, many credit card companies may offer extended warranties to help protect your new items. In the event of accidents or faulty equipment, they may have your appliance or electronics covered.

4. Repairs

When a repair is done to your home, many people pay with a check or cash. However, if something is wrong with the repair or you’re dissatisfied with their work, it may be difficult or even impossible to reverse these payments. However, with a credit card, there are extra measures set in place for protection. You may be able to stop or cancel the payment if you are unsatisfied with the results. Additionally, some credit card companies may be willing to be an advocate or middleman between you and the repair company.

5. Restaurants

The top reason to use a credit card at a restaurant is the opportunity for cashback and rewards. Just like gasoline purchases, many credit card companies will offer bonus cash back for purchases at restaurants. They may be willing to double or even triple the percent of cashback.

6. Overseas Purchases

Overseas purchases can put your bank account at risk. Using a credit card for your purchase across seas can help to reduce that risk. Many credit card companies carry no or little fees for overseas purchases. However, if your account does become compromised, many credit card companies will offer protection.

If you’re looking to use your credit card for common everyday items, some items offer extra bonuses or cashback. Gasoline and restaurants often offer high percentages of cashback, making them a great option for payment. Additionally, credit cards can offer protections such as warranties, cancellation protections, and the ability to stop payments as necessary. Consider a credit card to pay for things like home repairs, overseas purchases, and appliances to benefit from these protections.