You are now in the new married phase. June “Mama June” Shannon.

CelebHomes News announced earlier in the week that CelebHomes News had confirmed that this. Honey Boo Boo is here alum quietly married Justin StroudOn March 23, Georgia’s courthouse ceremony was held.

The couple has not yet shared details of the wedding, but followers want to know more about the man that Mama June reconnected with after the public split. Geno Doak In 2021. 

CelebHomes News interviewed the reality star back in May. Daily Pop about how Justin aided her through tough times, including her past struggles with addiction.

Justin was my boyfriend for a year. She shared that he didn’t know what she was going through. He texted me to ask how I was doing. “I was thinking of you today. I wish you a wonderful day. You don’t realise how important those little texts are when you go through trauma.