Before you know it, the holidays will be here again! And 2020 will follow closely in their path. As we look ahead toward the new year, we also look to the design trends that will shape spaces across the country, from new homes in Palm Coast, Florida to San Diego, California and everywhere in between. Take a look as we examine five emerging trends worth watching for.

Entertaining spaces, redefined

The desire to warm up a home with friends, food and quality time is not new—but the way people choose to entertain at home is certainly changing! When people search for new homes in Palm Coast, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, or other popular, sunny destinations where year-round entertaining is easy, they may not be imagining lavish dinner parties and formal dining rooms. Rather, they want a space that lends itself to casual meals, just-because gatherings and an open, laidback setting where friends and family can get together with ease. These living spaces will often feature open layouts, where the kitchen looks over the entertaining area, for example, so that the whole crowd can get involved in the fun whether they’re cooking or kicking back—bonus points if the home features outdoor living space, too!

Modern home office options

We live in an increasingly connected world, where working at home is easier than ever—of course, employees may crave ways to disconnect at dinnertime and on the weekends. That desire will be reflected in 2020’s designs, with home offices that feature hidden storage so paperwork and projects can be stored away when it’s “closing time.” In smaller homes, this trend may be represented in versatile convertible-style spaces—built-in desks, for example, that can just as easily serve as a workspace during the day and a craft corner or reading nook during downtime.

Move over, minimalism

Even the most modern homes may feature more traditional décor—as we look ahead toward 2020, we’re likely to see sparsely decorated, minimalist spaces move over for the “maximalist” trend, in which a vibrant medley of textures, colors and furniture will combine to make a space feel more authentic to its owner.

Bringing the outdoors in

There are many benefits to spending time in nature—but even when we’re busy indoors, we can still enjoy the power of plants to keep us calm and collected! Expect to see plants used in an all-new way in the year ahead. In lieu of traditional houseplants, succulents and other unique yet easy-to-care-for options will dominate kitchen countertops and home office desks.

Natural colors in new ways

Speaking of nature, we expect to see colors from the outdoors represented in fun, fresh ways indoors. For example, a natural dusty green may breathe new life into a living space, while soft corals can add vibrant yet livable character to your kitchen, bedroom or home office. There is no limit to the ways colors from nature can be incorporated into homes in 2020.

Whether you’re excited to follow these trends or set a few of your own, the new year promises to be an exciting time for home design!