Buying a house in Utah is an exciting decision. If you love the great outdoors, the state is full of opportunities and amazing places to live.

From world-famous National Parks to epic mountain biking and hiking, there’s no shortage of things to do outside in the Beehive State.

The hardest part is choosing where you are going to live, though. When you buy a house in Utah, you can either choose to be close to so much of the outdoor adventure opportunity or choose to live near the big cities where the bulk of the population is.

If you are seriously wondering how to buy a house in Utah, and are looking to begin the buying and searching process, there are a few things you need to think about ahead of time.

Keep reading to learn the best time to buy a house in Utah, the best places to buy a house in Utah, and the requirements to buy a house in Utah.

1. Best Time to Buy a House in Utah

Because Utah gets quite cold in the winter, fewer buyers are searching and fewer sellers are listing homes. This means lower inventory, but also lower competition on the houses that are available.

If you want the largest selection of homes, springtime is the best time to start looking for a house, as this is when most homes come on the market.

2. Best Places to Buy a House in Utah

The bulk of the population in Utah is located in or near Salt Lake City, in the northwest corner of the state. This is a lively, exciting place to be, that also happens to be scenic and surrounded by mountains.

If you are searching for work opportunities and the best school districts, Kaysville and Centerville are hard to beat.

3. City or Country?

There’s no shortage of amazing places to live in Utah. If you love big city vibes, Salt Lake City is your destination. However, if you work remotely and don’t need to be near the jobs, you can look for homes in the outdoor hubs of the state.

Moab is perfect for rock climbers, mountain bikers, and those who like to take their car off-roading. And Kanab is located within easy driving distance of almost every one of Utah’s National Parks. 

4. New Home or Existing Home

Utah is constantly growing. As a result, new construction homes are very common, giving you the chance to live in a brand new house.

If you are looking to live in the Salt Lake City, Provo, or Ogden areas, check out https://www.fieldstonehomes.com/new-homes/ to see what opportunities are available when buying new construction homes.

5. Requirements for Buying a House in Utah

If you’ve bought a house in another state before, the process is quite similar. You’ll first want to get prequalified for a mortgage. You’ll want to save up for a down payment, which can range from 3.5% to 20% plus closing costs, or about 1% of the total home purchase.

Then, find a real estate agent and start looking for the perfect house. Your adventure in Utah awaits.

Start Your Home Buying Journey

Utah is an incredible place for all types of people. Families, retired couples, solo adventurers, and almost anyone else will find a reason to buy a house in Utah.

Get your home buying journey started today by researching towns and cities and getting pre-approved as soon as possible.

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