Having your own property brings security and peace of mind for the future. But, it also brings an array of maintenance tasks and battles that need to be won. The problem with having a nice warm house is that there are plenty of pests that would like to share it with you.

You need to stay one step ahead of the pests and keep them out of your home. While there are several things you can do, one of the easiest is to get the right plants in and around your home. However, before you rush to get some plants, make sure that you choose a reputable establishment, such as this wholesale online nursery, it will ensure you have good quality plants which are much easier to keep alive.

 The following are surprisingly effective at deterring insects:

  1. Mint

Mint is a great addition to a variety of dishes and, to most people, leaves a pleasant aroma in the air. However, insects don’t find the aroma pleasant. They find it repulsive and will avoid mint plants. That means you can position these at doors and windows to help keep all types of insects out of your home.

  • Citronella

Citronella is well known for being effective against various insects, particularly mosquitoes. That’s why you see so many citronella candles around.

You can use some candles when enjoying the evening, but a few well-positioned citronella plants are very effective at keeping insects away.

  • Catnip

Catnip works like a drug to cats. That means that if you add a catnip plant or two to your garden you are likely to see more cats visiting. Providing you have cats or like them that shouldn’t be an issue. The aroma is surprisingly light, meaning you may barely notice it. But, cats and insects will. As much as it attracts cats, it equally repels insects, making it a great addition to your home and yard.

  • Lavender

Most people love the smell of lavender and will quite happily have the plant in their yard for its aroma and appearance. As an added bonus the plant is good at deterring insects as they are not keen on the smell these plants give off.

It’s particularly effective at keeping mosquitoes, flies, and fleas away.

  • Venus Flytrap

The Venus flytrap is an obvious plant to add to your yard and help eliminate the insects. Of course, while this s potentially the most famous of this type of plant, it’s not the only carnivorous plant. Any will help.

The main difference with these is that they don’t deter insects and other pests. Instead, they attract them to the plant. That means you want the plant near your home but not too close. Once the insects get on the plant the traps snap shut, trapping the insects as the plant digests them. You get to watch and enjoy the sight of annoying bugs meeting their doom. Best of all, it’s completely natural.