When you own a home, you just expect there will be plenty of maintenance on it.

But what about garage maintenance?

Do you tend to just drive your car into the garage and then forget about it until the next time you drive your car out of it?

You’re not alone. Many people consider the garage an afterthought.

But maintaining your garage is nearly as important as maintaining your home.

1. It All Starts with the Door

What’s your garage without a properly working garage door? Pretty useless.

So be sure to spend an hour or two in the early spring and late fall each year to perform an inspection.

Listen for weird sounds, clear the tracks, tighten the hardware, check the rollers, inspect the cables and pulleys, and lubricate moving parts.

If you do run across any problems, call in experts from a professional Garage Door Repair Company to get your door back in tip-top shape.

2. Inspect Walls, Roof, and Foundation

If there are moisture stains along the walls and near the floor of your garage, that means there’s a leak somewhere.

Moisture build-up in a garage is bad news.

It can lead to mold and rot that will threaten the structural integrity of the walls, roof, and foundation. Not an ideal situation if you’re storing items of value in there.

You can also check the windows and doors in your garage to determine if there is an issue with the foundation. If they get stuck in the frame when opening and closing them, or they have begun to appear uneven, it might be that your foundation has settled.

3. Do Not Neglect the Floor

Your garage floor takes a serious beating from vehicles, mechanical equipment, heavy tools, etc. And if you neglect it, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes damaged.

A crack on your garage floor might not seem like a big deal. But it can cause leaks and create foundation problems if you ignore it.

So you’ll want to attend to any cracks. Plus, you may want to consider new garage flooring options. They’ll enhance the look of your garage and even add value to your home.

4. Watch for Signs of Pests

When you walk into your garage, have you noticed sawdust fluttering down on you?

If so, there’s a good chance that carpenter ants and/or bees are making a meal out of your exposed framing and rafters. And why not? It’s a free meal in a warm and protected environment.

This is a serious situation though. So don’t waste any time contacting your local exterminator. They will get rid of these pests and, more importantly, employ methods to keep them from returning.

5. Keep It Clean and Safe

There are advantages to maintaining a certain level of cleanliness in your garage.

One advantage is that a clean garage will boost your home’s value.

But the biggest advantage is increased safety.

It’s so easy for a garage to get cluttered. It can quickly become a depository for all sorts of old and weathered items. 

Not only do these items become potential hazards for tripping and injury, but old cans of toxic paints or chemicals can easily leak and give off dangerous fumes as well. 

If possible, go through your garage once per year and dispose of objects you no longer need or use. 

Remember Garage Maintenance!

When you consider your garage as one of the most important rooms in your home, garage maintenance makes a lot more sense.

So be sure to get in there from time to time to check it out.

And in the meantime, keep checking back with us for fascinating articles on luxury living.