From the comfiest sofa to the most luxurious bed, we all love furniture that helps us melt away the stresses of the day. Even celebrities can’t hold back their love for furniture.

Some celebrities take that love and use it to create stunning furniture lines they then share with the public. It’s a luxurious feeling to own a unique piece of furniture created by your favorite celebrity.

Feeling curious? Keep reading to find out which celebrities are hardworking furniture designers!

1. Nick Offerman

If you’re a fan of Nick Offerman, then you know of his portrayal as Ron Swanson, the grumbling libertarian who loves meat and carpentry. The funny thing is that Nick Offerman himself shares many similar qualities to Ron Swanson. The one they share most is their love for carpentry.

The Offerman Woodshop is a company created by Nick Offerman that makes rustic furniture pieces that show off a classic elegance. They let the wood do the talking, highlighting the strong grain and natural colors.

The best part? Every piece is handmade to perfection.

2. Drew Barrymore

Having been in the spotlight since childhood hasn’t stopped Drew Barrymore from embracing humbler roots. She works together with Walmart to offer her fans the most affordable products possible. You’ll find everything from tables and pillows to bedspreads and sofas in her design lines. 

Her furniture style always has a vintage flair, similar in tone to those you’ll find from eames. Despite their lower price point, every piece looks stunning with intricate patterns and bright colors.

3. Sofia Vergara

There’s a certain charm that comes through in every interview Sofia Vergara gives. That same charm exudes into her beautiful furniture line. She’s made many different styles of furniture such as modern, rustic, formal, and contemporary.

She uses a lot of soft colors that have a timeless quality to them, making them fit with any kind of design.

Much like her career, her furniture focuses on the idea of being versatile. No matter what you’re looking for, Sofia Vergara has a design for everyone.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-recognized name throughout the world, and her new furniture brand has as memorable a name. Goop first launched in late 2018 in collaboration with CB2, showing off a cool Italian-inspired aesthetic.

Her furniture line uses simple lines and designs to offer her fans a delicate sense of elegance. Every piece works well with the others and blends contemporary with hints of rustic charm.

She based a lot of the designs off of her own home, so if you’ve ever wanted to live like Gwyneth Paltrow, now’s your chance!

Celebrities Love Furniture as Much as We Do

The celebrities listed above are some of our favorites, but there are plenty more celebrities out there who love furniture. They each bring a unique spin to the pieces they create that you can’t find anywhere else.

Take a look around to find furniture pieces by some of the biggest celebrities. Not only are they beautiful centerpieces to your interior designs, but they’re also great conversation starters!

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