Top Celebrity Pools to Take Inspiration From

Are you planning on incorporating a pool in your backyard? You can derive some inspiration from some of the pool designs that different celebrities have utilized. Some of these swimming pools have a universal appeal, and they are somewhat similar to some of the pools present in some of the leading resorts around the globe. From oceanfront marvels and vanishing edges, you can derive a lot of inspiration from different celebrity pools. You can derive some inspiration from some of the celebrity pools from Hollywood.

1.    Demi Moore’s Pool

Demi Moore is married to Ashton Kutcher. As they were planning on renovating their pool, they procured the services of one of the renowned interior designers in Los Angeles, Brad Dunning. The designer ensured all the elements present were balanced, and he turned the pool into a love nest. His primary focus was on comfort and functionality.

2.    Wilmer Valderrama’s Pool

The resort-like pool is suitable for hosting pool parties. The tranquil vibes offered by the pool cannot be ignored easily. Wilmer spent more than $300,000 to ensure the pool would become a reality. Beside the pool, there is a lush Japanese harden, and it usually adds some dramatic appeal. The pool also has a beach entry, a hidden grotto, waterfalls, and a spa. Who can dare launch a complaint regarding the pool parties hosted by Wilmer, whereas you get to enjoy yourself to the fullest?

3.    The Luxury Lagoon by Mark Wahlberg

The lagoon-style pool that Mark Wahlberg currently owns is everything you need if you want to go on a vacation. There is a waterslide alongside the waterfalls and the grotto spa. The landscaping in the backyard is also admirable, and it complements the pool. There are also palm trees around. The lounge chairs also ensure that as you sit around the pool, you’ll be comfortable.

4.    The Oceanfront Retreat by Cindy Crawford

The infinity-edge pool located at the Malibu residence of Cindy Crawford is situated on top of the Pacific coastline. The backyard offers admirable sights since it overlooks the ocean. The pool is also surrounded by natural stone terraces. Also, there is a relaxing spa, and the landscaping complements the pool. As a backyard reveler, you will gain from privacy.

5.    John Travolta

John Travolta has a stunning pool located at his residence in Florida. The pool has a unique shape, and the exterior lines are sharp. There is also a travertine, and it is suitable for pool decking. There is also a water slide and a jacuzzi at the end of the pool.

6.    The Contemporary Pool by Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has a contemporary pool at his Santa Barbara residence. The design of the pool has defied conventional lines. The pool is located on a six-acre piece of land. The landscape also enables you to view the ocean and the mountains. Perennial fabrics also cover the patio furniture around the pool.

7.    The Pool by Gisele Bundchen

Gisele has a home in Los Angeles, and it has an infinity pool. The pool currently overlooks the skyline, and the Pacific Ocean is nearby. The comfortable lounge chairs and the wooden decking will also tempt you to have a look at the pool.

There are other pools owned by celebrities, and you might want to have a look at them. You can check out the pools by celebrities such as Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine, Celine Dion, and George Clooney. When you view each of these pools, you will notice the architectural designs are intriguing. Before building a pool, you should get in touch with an interior designer, and they will advise you accordingly, depending on your needs and budget.