Business cards generally contain important information about the company. But marketers are now using these business cards as a tool to increase customer engagement rate. Today, business cards are being considered as a first impression of the business.

Despite all the technological marketing methods, business cards are still important. No amount of technological advancements can replace them from their place. Most business owners and entrepreneurs keep business cards in their pockets and hand out them while shaking hands with clients or investors.  

Business cards are an essential part of the brand marketing strategy that marketers take up to overtake their competitors. Make sure the design of the cards is fantastic as it will speak favorably for the business. As per research, more than 70% of people judge a company by their business cards. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4reasons why business cards are still important in today’s market. 

Ease of Providing Contact Details

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of business cards is that they can convey contact information effortlessly. The contact information of a company is very important to clients. All of your necessary contact details such as phone number and email address are printed on the business card. The recipient can store the card easily in the office drawer.   

Remember that some devices such as Android or iPhone can share business information with another phone. But, this happens only when another device is compatible with this feature. Not all your potential clients and customers will have compatible phones. Hence, you need to carry business cards. 

They Create a Quick First Impression

Every business focuses on grabbing the attention of its customers. The attention span of people is already decreasing due to tons of distractions. Hence, you need to use business cards to create an instant first impression of your company on the target audiences. 

An attractive business card not only catches the attention of potential customers but develops a favorable impression of your company. The right font, relevant color, company logo, and contact information give the business cards a professional look. 

They Build Trust

The business market is highly competitive. According to Forbes, you must gain the trust of your customers towards your company as well as your products. If your customers don’t have faith in your company, they will avoid purchasing from your brand. Business cards will help you to gain and strengthen their trust. 

Since there are lots of personal and heartfelt greetings exchanged while sharing business cards, it automatically generates a sense of trust. Additionally, professional graphic designers know how to use proper colors in business cards to evoke trust. 

They are Direct Marketing Tools

Modern business cards are a powerful direct marketing tool. In the era where email marketing, SEO, and other social media marketing strategies generate leads with potential clients, business cards are undoubtedly more effective than them. This is because of the face-to-face conversation while exchanging the business cards. 

If you happen to meet and talk with potential customers or clients at industrial conferences, just hand them your business card. Make sure you store the card in your front pocket so that you can easily take them out.


These are the top 4 reasons why business cards are still very important for your company. In today’s virtual world, a business card is very effective to stand apart from your competitors. It’s one of the best marketing tools to establish the brand, create trust and convey your brand’s message to the customers.