These 10 Celebrity Homes Sit at The Top of These Entrepreneur’s Vision Boards

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One of the most effective ways to stay motivated and on track is to create a vision board and constantly keep it filled with goals, whether materialistic or not. A lot of people are scared to say they are motivated by material possessions, but the truth is there is nothing wrong with aiming high.

Some people are motivated by setting a goal and rewarding themselves with a nice vacation, or setting a milestone to hit and then buying their dream car to celebrate. For others, a dream home is the main centerpiece of a vision board. Here are ten celebrity homes that are quite famous, and serve as motivation. Whatever your motivation is, don’t be afraid to use it to help you reach all of your goals and dreams.

1. Elizabeth Taylor: Beverly Hills Mansion

“This is a home built for entertaining. The views are insane, and it has plenty of room, coming in at about 8,000 square feet. It’s really about the views more than anything else. There are plenty of amazing homes, and this is just one that has always seemed to receive a lot of attention in the media, so it was familiar to me.

There are several different things you can add to your vision board that can be used as motivation. They don’t even have to be actual material items, either. Sometimes something as simple as a picture of your family or children will give you all of the motivation in the world to work hard every day.” – Paul Kelly, 247 CCTV Security Ltd

2. Johnny Depp: Kentucky Horse Farm

“This is a 42 acre spread in the quite state of Kentucky. This is a home that I have seen online and the thought of having all of that land to create a compound is very appealing. Location aside, any home with a lot of land is something that motivates me. It’s not necessarily the owner of the home; it’s just the thought of a lot of land.

I think it’s very important to have goals and to dream big. Some people might like to keep low expectations, but when you think about it, anything is achievable, and it just takes determination and hard work. You can either strive for the best or watch others reach those levels. Vision boards are great, and I encourage people to fill theirs with whatever dreams and goals they have, and to work towards them every single day.” – Chad Gaynier of Clarity Clinic

3. Robert Redford: Napa Valley Estate

“Sitting on 10 acres, this is something you don’t see often in California. A large home with an equally large lot. Napa Valley is a nice area of California and this is a home I’ve seen listed online before and it just caught my eye.

Cars and houses are nice, but so is being able to do nice things for family and friends. I think the source of motivation varies from person to person, and there is no right or wrong answer. In the end, everyone has different goals and dreams, and you cannot judge someone based on those. If someone wants to build a successful business in order to buy their dream home, great. If they want to be able to travel the world with their family, that is fine too.” – Ignacio Soria, CEO of Cann & Co.

4. Paris Hilton: Hollywood Hills Mansion

“The views of the famous Sunset Strip are what make this home desirable. It’s a home I have seen listed online and mentioned on TV, so it stands out. The area is very famous and there are few homes with that type of view in that location.

I think the concept of ‘celebrity’ homes is funny, because there are plenty of successful entrepreneurs that have nicer homes, yet they remain under the radar. In a perfect world you can have the dream home, without the celebrity name attached to it. I would not want the attention and hassles that comes with being a celebrity, but their homes are often in the media, so they end up becoming sources of motivation for many.” – Michael Herron, Law Offices of Michael R. Herron

5. Alonzo Mourning: Miami Mansion

“This mega mansion overlooks Biscayne Bay, with direct water access. Miami is an amazing city and a home on the water there would be amazing. The weather. The views. The entire thought of it is inspirational.

Any goal, whether it’s to save for a vacation or buy a dream mansion, needs to have a plan. You cannot wake up every day without a plan and expect to make your dreams come true. You also can’t have a generic plan like ‘buy a mansion’ and expect to reach that level. It takes several smaller goals, all mapped out, that eventually lead to the big goals. I am a big fan of several small micro-goals.” – Christopher Kerr, VP Marketing at Earnhardt Lexus

6. Jay Z and Beyonce: Hamptons Mansion

“This is one of the most desirable homes in the Hamptons and has its own 100+ seat screening room. Imagine the parties you could throw here. Have 100 of your friends over to watch the game in your theatre room. What a property this is. Very inspirational, to say the least.

When you look at areas like the Hamptons, there are hundreds of homes. Maybe a handful of them are owned by famous people. The rest? They are people like you and me, who just worked hard and reached their dreams. That is more motivational to me than seeing a home that a musician or actor owns. Business owners like you and I own these homes as well. That is the most motivating aspect of this.” – Tad Thomas, Managing Partner of Thomas Law Offices

7. Cher: Beverly Hills Mansion

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a 20,000 square foot mansion in the hills? The sheer size of this home is motivation enough for me. Whom it belongs to is irrelevant. A home that large is just impressive, and who wouldn’t want to live there?

I think more people should leverage the power of a vision board. While some may think it’s silly to put visual images of what you desire on a board that you are constantly faced with, but it’s the repeated engagement with it that keeps those dreams on your mind at all times. You have to constantly envision something in order to make it happen.” – Pat Skinner of Answer First

8. Zsa Zsa Gabor: Bel Air Mansion

“This 9,000 square foot monster home offers 360 degree views of the city and ocean, which is very hard to come across. To me, the ocean is beautiful and calming, so an unobstructed view like this is a dream. It doesn’t matter where it is, a home with a view of the ocean from all sides is a dream.

I think having a beach house is one of the first goals, home related, that a lot of business owners have. Some might push those dreams to the side, but I don’t see anything wrong with always striving for that. After all, the only way you are going to achieve it is by always having it as a goal.” – Hyung Park, President of Abraham Lincoln University

9. Kathy Lee: Key Largo Estate

“This Florida mansion is more than 11,000 square feet and has access to a private members club. A huge house in the Florida sun and access to an amazing golf course and ocean club is pretty appealing. It’s a dream home that many would love.

Cars, homes and materialistic goals are great, and nobody should judge. If that is what lights a fire under someone, great. The same goes for other goals, like charitable donations, community help, etc. Strive for whatever makes you happy and work hard until you accomplish it all.” – Chris Moberg, President of Slumber Search

10. Rob Lowe: Montecito Estate

“This was recently listed for $47 million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. At 10,000 square feet, it’s large, but it’s the details that make the home so valuable and appealing. I mean, the dollar amount this home is selling for alone is motivation.

There is a lot of custom work done, as he basically had a Virginia style home created in California. This alone is why this home is motivation. It’s proof that you can do anything you want. There are no limitations. You just have to work hard, and with success comes the opportunity to create the life you want.” – Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics