Toronto happens to be one of the most exciting cities in the whole of the world so it isn’t that much of a surprise to learn that there are more than a few celebrities living here. Add to the fact that it is also the movie centre of Canada and you soon realise that these rather famous people have more than one reason to hang out in this cool place. This short article highlights a few of these stars and we’ll talk about where they live and how cool their cribs are.

Mark Wahlberg

Yes it’s true, the one time rap artist and now a bonafide A-list actor, Mark Wahlberg adores the city and has an awesome pad over in the Yorkville part of Toronto. Costing a massive $12million, it’s over on 36 Hazelton and should be very slick at that price. He moved in back in 2011 and takes up the entire 7th floor, qualifying as a luxury penthouse with some ease. Within the home he has two floors of outdoor areas with more than 2,800 square feet. The good news is that us mere mortals can buy into 36 Hazelton for a mere $1.6 million.


Sadly no longer with us, Prince once had a sumptuous property known as Bridle Path and this recently went on the market for a tasty $12,788,000. You can just imagine the Canadian choice windows and doors that this pad was rocking back in the day! One of the most impressive mansions in the city, it covers a massive 14,28- square feet of prime real estate. Prince and his then wife, Manuela Testolini, lived here between 2001 and 2006 at the time of their divorce. With its own tennis court and floor-to-ceiling windows from the likes of windows Edmonton, this palace was fit for a King as well as a Prince.

Elton John

The Brit singer has been rumoured to be living just outside Toronto in a huge mansion style abode. When you add to the fact that his partner is Canadian, it seems fair enough to presume he resides here at least for part of the year. The house is said to be in the Scarborough part of the city and the parties are believed to be of the legendary status but we couldn’t possibly comment. Although still to be officially confirmed, it is said that Elton commissioned the home to be built for David Furnish and we couldn’t think of a sweeter couple to be spending their time in this lovely part of the city.

Emily Haines

Okay, the delectable lead vocalist of Metric may not be quite as famous as the previous celebrities, she was raised in Toronto and adds a lot of class and current cool to the city. She still refers to Toronto as her home and we mere mortals are thankful for that!

So we’ve discussed just 4 celebrities who live here in Toronto. The great news is that there are many more who also have cribs all over the city, why not go out on a spying mission and see how many you can spot?