3 Vital Things to Renovate to Increase a Property's Value

If you are planning renovations and you want to make sure that the renovations you undertake will have a positive impact on the value of your home then make sure you read this article.

There are many things you could spend a lot of money on that will not change the value of your home in a significant way, and there are things that are relatively affordable that you could do to your home that will have a positive impact on the valuation of your home.

Once you know which things are going to move the needle on your home valuation you can have them done and enjoy them while you live in the home and rest in the comfort that they have not just improved your experience in your home but have also added value to your home that will come back to you whenever you decide to sell.


Given the central role that kitchens play in a home, the design and quality of the kitchen will have a significant impact on the value of a property. The value is derived from the fact that not only does a positive, well-designed, well-installed kitchen make the operation of the home much smoother – but when the kitchen has been renovated well the next owner will not need to spend any money to renovate the kitchen themselves. They can just move in and enjoy it.

It is important not to over-capitalize when ready to renovate a kitchen otherwise you may not reap the rewards of that investment. It is very easy to spend a huge sum of money on a kitchen renovation so make sure that the work you want to undertake is targeted to make the home very saleable and very effective without being an exorbitant cost.

Things that tend to add value to a kitchen that is not too expensive are installing a walk-in pantry, having direct access to both the dining area and an outdoor area, and also having a nice bright feel from a color perspective.


For similar reasons, bathrooms are also a vital thing to renovate to increase the value of your property. While bathrooms need to be functional and provide access to the necessary fixtures and fittings they are also private spaces where people want to feel comfortable.

If you have any way to add a second bathroom to your property then that is a significant selling point and can significantly add to the value of your property. But if you only have a single bathroom you can still perform a renovation on that to make a big difference.

Even if you don’t change much about the layout, and simply re-tile and repaint the bathroom and place some new tapware and ceramic items – these small changes can have a significant impact on how the bathroom feels to a potential purchaser.

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When we talk about the outdoors in this scenario we are not referring to the whole yard that may surround your house, but the spaces directly adjacent to the house where you would walk out a house door directly into. Places such as courtyards, patios, and other undercover areas.

These areas are places where small strategic investments can have a significant impact on your property value.

Things that you can consider installing in your outdoor areas that have a big “wow” factor are:


A spa or jacuzzi is a relatively affordable item that doesn’t take a huge amount of work to install and configure but they do have a luxury reputation. So, spending a small amount of money to install a spa can have a big positive impact on your property valuation.

Outdoor Bar

Installing an outdoor bar is something that can be done quite simply and cheaply. The beauty of something like an outdoor bar is that it is an item that is likely to catch the eye of someone who inspects your home and be something that sticks in their mind and becomes one of the key selling points of your home.

It does not take a huge amount of money to hang a TV in your outdoor area or set up a nice themed bar with access to a fridge and sink. Then anyone who sees it will then be able to visualize themselves as the owners of the house enjoying that space on their own, and with their friends, which can have a genuine impact on both their interest in your property and the amount of money that they are willing to pay for it.

Final Thoughts

The renovations that you make to your property that help someone visualize themselves in that space increase your ability to sell your property when you want to, and to get a high valuation than you otherwise would have.