There is no gainsaying that wishing for success and big accomplishments is easier than actually achieving them. Anyone can desire great things in life but you need to put in calculated and informed efforts to eventually get those things you want.

Most times, when the word ‘achievement’ is mentioned or used, it is always automatically related to career success alone. However, achievement, in reality, does not only cover your professional life but even your personal life. There are certain things you want for yourself that are not related to your career.

To actually accomplish those things you want, you have to set your goals first. When you have defined your goals, you also have to make yourself productive towards your set goals.

Here are the very essential requisites in order for you to achieve your goals:

Have a plan and set your goals

Before you start to make efforts, you have to define your goals clearly. You should make a compilation of those things you want and that you hope to achieve. A good framework to use for setting your goals is the SMART goal acronym.

After making a list of your goals, it is expedient for you to attach a time frame to each of them. This will help you measure your pace and progress towards achieving the goals. It is necessary to note that your time frame should be realistic, you should not set a time frame that you won’t be able to meet up with. You may think doing this will motivate you, but it won’t do any good.

When you have the goals you want to achieve clearly stated, then you should make plans on how to achieve the goals with a productivity system. Your plan is like a map or an outline of how best to achieve your set goals.

Determination and Focus

You must have heard it hundreds of times that, in order to be successful in life, you have to be focused. This old advice is still valid to date because there will always be distractions on your way to achieving your goals, even if it’s something very small.

It takes determination to keep making efforts when things get difficult. You need to have the conviction that, no matter how difficult it seems, you won’t stop until you get your results.

Emotional Resilience

The only type of motivation that is always available to you and is most effective is self-motivation.

For you to be able to motivate yourself, you have to be emotionally resilient. This means that you continually develop your mind and emotions to be strong and rugged enough to withstand challenges and difficulties.

When you are emotionally resilient, you don’t break down at every slightest criticism or unfavorable response. You simply identify your errors or inadequacies, re-strategize, and try harder.


Aside from the wish to accomplish success, success has to cost you something. It doesn’t just come easily. You have to train yourself to be realistic and not have your head up in the cloud, you should not just set goals out of excitement. You have to be sure it is what you really want.