US homeowners spend billions of dollars each year to combat termite damage.

You’re likely a part of this statistic if you are reading. This can hinder many aspects of home ownership, especially when selling your home.

How can you make a house sellable if it has termite damage? What can you do to deal with termite damage wood during a property sales?

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Signs of termite damage

Rollingwood Property Management Company says it is important to assess the severity of termite damage in your house before you start. These signs are:

  • Discolored/dropping drywall
  • You can make small holes in the wall
  • Buckling wood
  • Swollen floors
  • Holz that has been damaged
  • Mud tubes
  • Frass

Termite damage generally looks similar to water damage. The property’s overall structure is also affected.

Selling a Home with Termite Damage

Extensive termite damage renders homes unlivable. Although some termite damage may not be visible to buyers, too much could limit your options for selling. You still have options to quickly sell your house.

1. Open Market: Be upfront

Although this is not the best option, it could save you lots of hassles. Buyers might decide not to buy if they discover termite damage after further inspection. You might be able to communicate with the termites, talk to lawyers and other details by this point.

When listing your house, you should be truthful. Your home will be quickly filtered out of the listings by people willing to give it a second chance. But in the best-case scenario, you might attract people explicitly looking for damaged homes.

2. Repare the most severe of the damage

You must fix the most serious termite problems in your home. You can make your home at most liveable.

It still costs money, but not nearly as much as complete renovations. These repairs are short-term costs that expedite your sale and allow you to move on with the real estate process.

3. Find As-Is Buyers

Many buyers don’t intend to stay in the houses they buy. Others are companies that want to renovate old homes before they sell them. You can sell your house to anyone who is interested in buying it as-is if you do not have the money to complete renovations.

You can quickly sell your house, making it a great option if you are looking to buy another property. Here’s more informationSelling your home with termite damage in New York or the Tri-State region.

Do Not Allow Termite Damage to Interrupt Your Sales

A home that has termite damage is a crazy idea. But enough people want to do it — enough to render your property sale viable.

This article tells readers how to sell a home with termite damage. You need more assistance with real estate transactions? Then venture into the rest of our content, with plenty of other articles for homeowners like you.