19. Craven maintained a lighthearted mood despite the pressure of the executive team and the high level gore, despite the initial stress.

Kennedy said that Wes told him, “When you’re making horror movies, it doesn’t need to be horrible.” THR. “It is one of my favorite quotes. Although we made this insane movie, we also drank wine and enjoyed civilized meals. The movie ended and I began to feel sad. Courteney replied, “Oh, honey. Don’t cry. This is how it works. This is summer camp. “But this is my whole life,” I say. He responds, “No honey. She replies, “No honey. It is only three months of your life. But we have a special bond we will never forget.”

20. Filming was done in North Carolina. The actors stayed together at the same hotel.

Campbell explained to The Ringer that David is crazy and bought all the toys you could buy in Santa Rosa. They were hanging from his ceiling. I believe it was called ‘David’s Bar’. ‘Club David.'”

21. The actors’ presence at the hotel was not welcomed by the housekeeping staff. Ulrich said that the maids hated us or disliked me because we destroyed a lot sheets and pillowscases. No matter how many times you scrubbed. “No matter how many times you scrubbed. [blood]It’s easy to get rid of. However, there are always residuals that end up in your sheets or pillowcases.