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Valentine’s Day will be on Monday, best friends. We don’t want to tell you that, although we do not wish to, it is. If that makes you panic because you have yet to get a gift for your significant other or Galentine, don’t worry–you have options!

We know all too well the feeling of being on the receiving end of that eye roll or disappointed face because we accidentally forgot to bring a gift—and it’s the worst. We have learned from our failures and can now master the art of gift-giving last-minute. It is important to search for gifts at stores that provide expedited shipping and in-store pickup. 

We have gathered the best gifts for women and men, from heart-shaped cookware your girlfriend will love to use, to non-gender specific fragrances and fresh flowers, just in time for your champagne toast. In case you need to wait a bit longer, there are gifts that will be worth it.

Below is a stress-free guide for Valentine’s Day gifting.